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FL Department of Transportation–Tampa Surveillance Cameras

Brooksville, FL May 2017--Surveillance Technology Incorporated is proud to announce the successful completion of another state of the art security system. The FL Department of Transportation’s Brooksville office received top of the line equipment including high definition (HD) cameras, gel filled direct burial cabling, and a 16 channel digital video recorder (DVR). With decades of premier service in the Tampa Bay area, Surveillance Technology provided the FL Department of Transportation with the latest in Tampa surveillance cameras.

The FL Department of Transportation, or FDOT, is an executive agency that reports directly to the state’s governor. They are responsible for coordinating and executing a safe and balanced transportation system for all regions of the state. This also includes multimodal facilities, which are a transportation system that combines two or more types of movement of either people or goods. Florida’s transportation system features roadway, air, rail, sea, bicycle, public transport, and even spaceports. The Brooksville location is an Office of Maintenance. They create and provide policies, training, and standards for properly maintaining Florida’s bridges and roadways.

Surveillance Technology Incorporated was honored to install their new surveillance system in the Brooksville location. The installation featured an upgrade from their DVR to a new 16 channel HD DVR. The location had 8 aging analog cameras that were replaced with 8 HD cameras offering 240 ft of smart infrared night vision. In addition, Surveillance Technology Incorporated ran over 5,000 ft of gel filled direct burial cable to connect the new equipment. These latest improvements will boost the monitoring and safety of this vital government agency for years to come.

Surveillance Technology Incorporated is a company with more than 45 years experience with Tampa surveillance cameras and provides businesses and residences with security cameras and access control. With the most reliable services offered in the Tampa Bay area, Surveillance Technology Incorporated will outfit any business or residence with options of over 100 brand name surveillance systems, making them the premier source for Tampa surveillance cameras.

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