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BCH Mechanical–Tampa Surveillance Cameras

Largo, FL August 4, 2015--Surveillance Technology Incorporated has successfully completed their newest project, securing the large, multi-building campus of BCH Mechanical. With the reputation of being the largest mechanical contractor in the Tampa Bay area, BCH Mechanical turned to Surveillance Technology Incorporated, the leading security and access control company to specialize in Tampa surveillance cameras, to protect their business from potential threats.

After researching the company’s current security capabilities, Surveillance Technology Incorporated found that BCH Mechanical was running an older analog system. In today’s security climate, it is important to keep systems regularly updated. Surveillance Technology Incorporated began their approach by implementing upgraded camera positions to 2.4 megapixels. These smart infrared cameras were placed on all assets and parking areas to catch any would-be thief, but Surveillance Technology Incorporated also added cameras over the company’s scrap materials and production areas.

This twofold approach allows for BCH Mechanical to not only provide safety for their employees, but also to guarantee a secure monitoring of their valuable materials. Now, employees can rest comfortably knowing their work place is secure. Cameras were installed to monitor their recreational basketball courts and parking lots. In addition, the cameras overseeing the parking lots, exits, and exit roads contain license plate capture capabilities to keep the company informed of anyone who attempts to enter the campus. Similarly, cameras overseeing the production areas were placed on the cargo ramp and loading dock to monitor the movement of any valuable items. Surveillance Technology Incorporated has therefore designed a current, complete solution to cover all sensitive areas of company life with interior and exterior protection.

Surveillance Technology Incorporated is a company with more than 45 years experience with Tampa surveillance cameras and provides businesses and residences with security cameras and access control. With the most reliable services offered in the Tampa Bay area, Surveillance Technology Incorporated will outfit any business or residence with options of over 100 brand name surveillance systems, making them the premier source for Tampa surveillance cameras.

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