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PTZ cameras are designed for applications requiring flexible pan, tilt, and zoom functionality. PTZ cameras are best used in live monitoring environments utilizing a joystick type PTZ controller or can be programmed to view specific areas in specific patterns. For instance in a one minute interval you could have the camera automatically focus on a different door, windows, parking area, etc., and continue repeating this tour over and over again. Also the operator of the camera can track a suspect or respond to a threat and follow it much more closely. They could zoom in and capture key information that can be used to help in loss prevention, many of the big box retailer’s use PTZ cameras for this very thing.

Additionally, adding a PTZ camera to your existing surveillance system allows the operator to monitor the areas that their fixed cameras may not be able to see also known as blind sports.

STI offers a complete line of PTZ cameras that deliver extraordinary capabilities in both image quality, and day-to-day performance. PTZ cameras commonly come in the follow magnification categories:

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PTZ Camera Controller with 2-Axis Joystick
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PTZ Camera Controller with 3-Axis Joystick
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