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Surveillance Technology


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Expert security camera installation and training available

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Video Surveillance Cameras, which are often referred to as CCTV cameras, have been used for more than 40 years and their benefits have been extensively documented during that time. Criminal activities such as theft, vandalism, burglary and robbery have traditionally been prevented with these security camera systems.

Whether you are looking to protect your residence or business in Tampa, Clearwater or St Petersburg, the impact of a properly designed and implemented CCTV surveillance camera solution equates to a reduction of losses and most importantly an increased peace of mind.

At Surveillance Technology Inc we offer a complete array of CCTV Cameras along with security camera installation. It is our belief that one camera does not fit all applications. Below you will find our most common surveillance camera styles including:

Full Body Cameras Bullet Style Cameras Covert/Hidden Cameras
Dome Style Cameras PTZ Cameras Megapixel Cameras

Contact Us if you cannot find the security cameras you are looking for or would just like to ask a question. Our surveillance specialists have over 45 years of combined experience with surveillance cameras and are ready to assist you.


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