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Westchester Condominiums

Westchester Condominiums in Tampa, FL began a two-phase project with Surveillance Technology, Inc. in 2018. The final phase was the most complex, augmenting the existing surveillance system to cover all of the property’s buildings, parking areas as well as the courtyard. Surveillance Technology’s strategic approach solved a common problem often encountered when covering such a large area. Many security providers install cameras that wirelessly send footage to an NVR, which introduces the risk of footage being lost if the wireless signal is interrupted before it reaches the recording device. Instead, Surveillance Technology connected each of the complex’s twenty-two 5 Megapixel cameras directly to one of four strategically placed 8-Channel DVRs. Each of the four systems constantly records its respective cameras’ footage, which will not be lost in the event of wireless signal disruption. Each DVR's high definition signal is then carried back to the clubhouse on an encrypted 5 GHz wireless network. As part of this installation, Surveillance Technology also installed five commercial-grade steel environmental enclosures, one for each system, measuring 18” x 16” x 5”. As a result, the entire complex now benefits from surveillance data that is secured in more ways than one.

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