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Grey Oaks–Tampa Surveillance Cameras

Tarpon Springs, FL March 2018--Surveillance Technology Incorporated had the distinguished honor to work with Grey Oaks, an upscale gated community, for their latest security upgrade. As a leader in Tampa surveillance cameras, Surveillance Technology Incorporated brought the best in surveillance equipment to Grey Oaks providing security and protection to their residents. High-end communities such as Grey Oaks require a sophisticated surveillance system capable of capturing all activity at entrances and exits. Surveillance Technology’s unique design did just that and was implemented in two robust phases.

Phase One began by replacing the existing do-it-yourself camera system located at the main entrance, and mounting a new camera pole at the exit. This camera pole was equipped with a 23x pan tilt zoom camera. The area was further secured with the addition of three HD license plate recognition bullet cameras with 5-50mm motorized auto focus lenses. These cameras were strategically positioned to capture plates at the entrance lanes as well as the exterior side of the exit lane. Phase One was completed as Surveillance Technology installed HD broadview cameras strategically placed to cover entrance and exit gates with 2.7-12mm motorized auto focus cameras.

Phase Two featured the installation of a high definition IP camera positioned to cover the community entrance call box. This camera’s live feed is broadcast to the community website empowering residents with the ability to see who as at the call box at any given moment. The last addition to this robust surveillance system provided the community with a feature they desperately needed. Impatient drivers had been striking the community motorized exit gate with their vehicles by rushing through it before they could fully open or close. To be able to monitor this issue, Surveillance Technology added an additional HD broadview camera accompanied by an other HD license plate recognition camera to cover from the interior side of the exit gates and give the community managers the opportunity to identify the responsible parties. The successful completion of this project by Surveillance Technology Incorporate provided Grey Oaks with the means to safeguard their residents and their property.

Surveillance Technology Incorporated is a company with more than 45 years experience with Tampa surveillance cameras and provides businesses and residences with security cameras and access control. With the most reliable services offered in the Tampa Bay area, Surveillance Technology Incorporated will outfit any business or residence with options of over 100 brand name surveillance systems, making them the premier source for Tampa surveillance cameras.

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