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Sanwa Fresh Warehouse – Camera and Security System Tampa

Sanwa Food Group is growing more than produce! Sanwa Growers started growing and harvesting Chinese cabbages and melons with just 5 employees in 1981. Today, Sanwa provides a diverse selection of fresh produce and multicultural flavors to both retail and wholesale clients from Miami to Atlanta. In Tampa they have a large packinghouse and indoor farmer’s market, which is open seven days a week to the public with a wholesale club style retail experience.

Tampa neighbor Surveillance Technology, Inc. (STI) excels at tailoring solutions for complex needs. The Sanwa project had a few universal requirements, with high quality cameras to cover all entries, building exteriors and parking areas. There was also a need for typical warehouse coverage on the docks and HVAC. Footage from the outbound product staging areas can be reviewed later to verified what actually was in a particular shipment. Additional cameras were required in areas unique to food service. For example, the cameras installed inside a freezer require the ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

In all, 42 cameras were used to cover the entire property. These 4K 8-megapixel IP cameras are equipped with H.265 compression at each camera, as opposed to the compression taking place at a central recorder. They are connected to three 16 channel 4K Network Video Recorders (NVR) with 320 MB throughput each. Putting an 8 megapixel camera onto a NVR that takes in only 180 MB per second would quickly overload the recorder. It would be like trying to exhale through a coffee stirrer. Many security providers solve for this by lowering the frame rate or the resolution of the cameras, knowingly reducing the quality of the images in order to manage the data going to the recorder. STI designs the system thoughtfully from the outset to optimize the result.

Sanwa staff can view a live feed from all of the cameras from one digital platform. The master administrator controls who can access each camera. Owners can view all cameras, while supervisors have permission to oversee the areas for which they are uniquely accountable. Each authorized user can manage their personal viewing preferences for convenient monitoring. STI plans to partner again with Sanwa in the future on their retail and satellite locations, which can also be added to the same platform.

The NVR was installed with an integrated power over ethernet (POE) switch, so the IP cameras send data to the recorders over six thousand feet of CAT 6 ethernet cable. Without the integrated POE switch, all of this footage would use bandwidth across Sanwa’s everyday network, competing with the demands of their computers and printers on the normal network they use to get business done. By connecting the cameras directly to the NVR, Surveillance Technology’s integrated POE switch solution circumvents the network and lets Sanwa’s other resources perform at their best. This is one of the many ways Surveillance Technology adds value, understanding how to maximize world class tools.

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    Franco RomeroFranco Romero
    16:09 28 Apr 22
    Recognized as a Historic Landmark Resort in the St Petersburg downtown area, we were looking for the best in the surveillance camera and equipment system business. We talked with Luis from Surveillance Technology Inc, and seemed like the right choice for us. He was very professional, honest, promised us prompt response and even took the time to walk the entire property. I am so happy that we choose his company for our surveillance needs and professional advice. Luis has been with us since 2021 and has made several installations. The results have all been outstanding clear picture, easy viewing and storing.I would like to especially point out an installation done this week at our Marina. His wonderful techs led by Jaime, performed a cable installation where a "dinghy" had to be used. Fighting hightide and waves they managed to install approximately 1 mile of cable and deliver the best video viewing on all cameras. I will recommend Luis and his company to anyone looking for surveillance equipment hands down.
    John SmithJohn Smith
    16:32 09 Feb 22
    Alan and the guys did another fantastic job. Highly recommended and very professional. Our tech Jame did a excellent job ! very happy
    Yvonne SveYvonne Sve
    18:24 16 Sep 21
    Our Association was very impressed with the installation and quality of our new security camera system. They did everything they said they were going to do and when they were going to do it. Professional staff that did their job with no fuss or mess. We are happy to recommend them.
    Jeanette WeissJeanette Weiss
    16:08 13 Sep 21
    Although very busy, this company sent out their technicians within a reasonable amount of time.. The technicians Jamie and Josh were very professional and friendly. Jaimie identified and rectified my problem I had with on line visualization of the camera views and playback. He also assisted with making sure our phones were able to bring up the same views. One hour later....done. PLUS I received a call the next morning to answer any questions I may have had. Thank you!!! BTW,, Louis is the person that answers the phone and is extremely helpful and phone friendly with curteous professional communication. KUDOS
    Doug DeLozierDoug DeLozier
    14:27 04 May 21
    Ordered a system and it was installed on the date promised with everything working as promised. Great work getting it done on time.
    15:44 25 Sep 20
    Well done Luis, Jamie, C.J. and Josh! You all made a complex surveillance system installation look easy. That's the genuine sign of professionals. Keep up the great work! AAA Storage - Englewood, Florida
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