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Security Cameras: How to Choose

When it comes to choosing a security camera, it can feel overwhelming for businesses. Whether you own a small local business with one or few locations, or a large commercial property or multi-location business, there are so many different technologies to choose from. This is where the experts at Surveillance Technology really shine. We offer a free, on-site consultation where we come out to your property and help you determine the security cameras you need, based on the issues you’re experiencing (or want to prevent).

One of the things we find most customers appreciate during our on-site surveys is an overview of the various security cameras and their purposes:

Dome Security Cameras

The biggest benefit of dome security cameras is that the camera itself is protected in an encased polycarbonate dome, which makes the camera extremely resistant to rain and windy conditions. They are also the most vandal-resistant camera. It is more difficult for criminals to damage the camera and inhibit its ability to function because of the protective casing.

The encasement that protects the dome camera can sometimes obscure its view if there are raindrops or other debris on the encasement. This is just something to consider when placing the camera on your property.

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Panoramic Security Cameras

Panoramic security cameras have a unique feature enabling them to capture footage from 360 degrees. Panoramic cameras are usually dome-styled and can have a variety of lens configurations. As it is with all types of cameras, there are specific locations that will benefit more from panoramic security cameras. For example, if you are trying to capture an entire room with one camera, strategically placing a panoramic camera in the center of the room may achieve your goal.

Learn more about our IP Panoramic Security Cameras>

PTZ Security Cameras

Pan Tilt Zoom, or PTZ security cameras have the added capability to pan the room, tilt up and down for a better view or zoom in when action is detected. PTZ cameras can not see the full 360 degrees simultaneously, however.

A PTZ security camera is great for areas where you need a more detailed view of what an individual is doing, such as above cash registers and in retail spaces where you are trying to prevent theft. Oftentimes, these cameras will be used in conjunction with an in-person security guard as they can be controlled via a joystick for panning, tilting and zooming in when criminal activity is suspected.

Where PTZ cameras may not be very advantageous is in high-traffic areas. If the camera is constantly zooming in and out in a direction, it will not be able to capture the surrounding areas simultaneously, which creates potential blind spots.

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Turret Security Cameras

Turret security cameras can also pivot, but its range is a bit more fixed than a PTZ due to its ball-and-socket design. They can be relatively small compared to other cameras, so they can be installed in a variety of areas.

One major difference between a turret security camera and a dome is the turret style camera lens is protected by tempered glass, allowing the camera’s image to be unobscured by the imperfection of plastic. This also increases the efficiency of infrared emitters, improving night vision capabilities.

The drawback of this style of security camera is the ball and socket design. With sufficient force, the camera’s viewing angle can be modified by a would-be perpetrator.

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Specialty Security Cameras: Thermal, Handheld Thermal, 24×7 Color and License Plate Recognition

Last, but not least, are specialty security cameras. These are used frequently on commercial and business properties and have special features.

Thermal security cameras can sense heat, allowing you to see better in zero light conditions. Learn more about our Thermal Security Cameras>

Thermal handheld security cameras are the most flexible because they are portable. These cameras have become popular since COVID as they can also be used to tell a person’s temperature. They are commonly used for sporting venues, schools, hotels or other areas where portability and thermal imaging is important and they are a good consideration to include as part of your overall security camera system. Learn more about our Thermal Handheld Security Cameras>

24×7 color security cameras provide, as their name implies, color images even in low light or at night. They also have the added advantage of lighting up the camera’s field of view with their integrated LED light. Learn more about our 24×7 Color CCTV Security Cameras>

License plate recognition security cameras are particularly relevant for gated housing communities where there is a lot of vehicle traffic. Or, around banks and other high-security, vulnerable locations. Learn more about our LPR Security Cameras>

The security cameras recommended and installed by Surveillance Technology are state-of-the-art and very tamper-proof. Contact us to learn more about the security cameras equipment we install, and to request your free estimate.

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