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Primrose School of South Tampa–Tampa Surveillance Cameras

Tampa, FL August 11, 2015--Surveillance Technology Incorporated, specializing in supplying its clients with Tampa surveillance cameras, is proud to announce the successful implementation of a new surveillance system at the Primrose School of South Tampa. The Primrose School of South Tampa, a private preschool, states that its vision is to provide “the best and most trusted early childhood education and child care services,” which would be next to impossible without the reliability of the strong surveillance system installed by Surveillance Technology Incorporated.

The benefits of securing a school with a reliable surveillance system far outweigh the cost of the installation. While students are always supervised by adults, kids have a tendency to creatively subvert even the most watchful eye. For this reason, the addition of a reliable surveillance system allows for added protection and peace of mind. Surveillance Technology Incorporated approached the installation for the Primrose School of South Tampa in two phases. The first phase included a new HD system to cover all the parent and employee parking areas. Because schools have any number of adults coming onto and off campus, it is necessary to secure entrances and exits to parking areas with reliable Tampa HD security cameras. The addition of long-range 2.4 megapixel cameras, which contain smart infrared technology, allows the system to monitor employee parking even from across the street.

The second phase of the installation featured the addition of new upgraded HD cameras to cover all exterior and interior common areas. Recreational areas for students to eat and to play are now protected by the latest surveillance technology, ensuring parents with the added supervision of their children. Surveillance Technology Incorporated also applied the same strategy utilized in the first installation phase for the protection of the actual campus as well. All points of entry onto the campus feature upgraded cameras to record anyone who enters or exits the school. Because of Surveillance Technology Incorporated’s careful attention to provide the most reliable surveillance system, the Primrose School of South Tampa can now offer the safest environment possible for their students.

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