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How to Keep Your Family, Home and Possessions Safe

Crime can strike anywhere at any time, no matter how safe your neighborhood is. Luckily there are many easy ways to protect your home and keep your possessions, yourself and your family safer every day.

1) Home security or surveillance system: Obviously we would be remiss to not include having a home security and/or home surveillance system on this list. A burglar is much less likely to approach your residence if surveillance cameras are in plain site and even less likely to stick around if an alarm goes off at the moment of break in. However the biggest benefit of having a surveillance system is the ability to provide the authorities with visual evidence of the event. And not only that but also most burglars will avoid homes that show they are being monitored in the first place. Why bother when there are much easier targets?

An added bonus is the fact that not only will your home security and surveillance systems protect you from crime, but also if you have a fire, flood or other emergency. It is a great feeling to know that a complete team is on call at a moment’s notice.

2) Neighborhood Watch: Neighborhood watches are fantastic ways for neighbors to help keep each other safe. A neighborhood watch is like having a home security camera system in every house on the street. By working together you all can make sure that any suspicious sightings or people are reported and dealt with immediately. Neighborhood watches have been shown to be exceptionally effective at preventing crime. Even better is that neighborhood watches will not only help home security but will help keep the overall area safe for children, families and everyone’s benefit.

3) Car alarm systems: In the same way that a home security system alarm will deflect a criminal from sticking around a home, a car alarm will deter a car break in. But that’s not all, often criminals will strike a car at the same time they are going for a house or other target, the car alarm could prevent an additional ‘piggy back’ crimes from occurring as well.

4) Window protection: Have lots of windows and sliding glass doors. Make sure they are double protected by placing a wooden block in the track of each window. This will prevent windows from being opened from the outside.

5) Be aware: This might be the best tip there is! Too often we see homeowners going about their daily life being completely unaware of their surroundings and potential suspicious behavior or activities. Always be aware of your environment and any changes or things that might make you feel uncomfortable. Often YOU are the best source to prevent crime.

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    Franco RomeroFranco Romero
    16:09 28 Apr 22
    Recognized as a Historic Landmark Resort in the St Petersburg downtown area, we were looking for the best in the surveillance camera and equipment system business. We talked with Luis from Surveillance Technology Inc, and seemed like the right choice for us. He was very professional, honest, promised us prompt response and even took the time to walk the entire property. I am so happy that we choose his company for our surveillance needs and professional advice. Luis has been with us since 2021 and has made several installations. The results have all been outstanding clear picture, easy viewing and storing.I would like to especially point out an installation done this week at our Marina. His wonderful techs led by Jaime, performed a cable installation where a "dinghy" had to be used. Fighting hightide and waves they managed to install approximately 1 mile of cable and deliver the best video viewing on all cameras. I will recommend Luis and his company to anyone looking for surveillance equipment hands down.
    John SmithJohn Smith
    16:32 09 Feb 22
    Alan and the guys did another fantastic job. Highly recommended and very professional. Our tech Jame did a excellent job ! very happy
    Yvonne SveYvonne Sve
    18:24 16 Sep 21
    Our Association was very impressed with the installation and quality of our new security camera system. They did everything they said they were going to do and when they were going to do it. Professional staff that did their job with no fuss or mess. We are happy to recommend them.
    Jeanette WeissJeanette Weiss
    16:08 13 Sep 21
    Although very busy, this company sent out their technicians within a reasonable amount of time.. The technicians Jamie and Josh were very professional and friendly. Jaimie identified and rectified my problem I had with on line visualization of the camera views and playback. He also assisted with making sure our phones were able to bring up the same views. One hour later....done. PLUS I received a call the next morning to answer any questions I may have had. Thank you!!! BTW,, Louis is the person that answers the phone and is extremely helpful and phone friendly with curteous professional communication. KUDOS
    Doug DeLozierDoug DeLozier
    14:27 04 May 21
    Ordered a system and it was installed on the date promised with everything working as promised. Great work getting it done on time.
    15:44 25 Sep 20
    Well done Luis, Jamie, C.J. and Josh! You all made a complex surveillance system installation look easy. That's the genuine sign of professionals. Keep up the great work! AAA Storage - Englewood, Florida
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