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Is Your Home Secure For The Holidays?

The holidays are a time filled with family, happiness and celebration. Along with such wonderful times also come some dangers to keep an eye on. During this time many people become careless and vulnerable to theft and other crimes. Don’t let all the holiday excitement put you or your home in danger.

The holidays are a hot time for criminals to commit home robberies because of the increased cash flow that is around. Robbers tend to take items that are easy to carry and can easily be concealed such as laptops, electronics, jewelry and cash. Though the risk of being a victim of burglary is always there, homeowners can take certain measures to protect their house and belongings.

The best way to protect your home is to invest in a good home surveillance system. Make sure that before you go away for the holidays that your home security cameras are all working properly to ensure that you are getting the most protection. A properly installed surveillance system can monitor the perimeter of your property and mostly importantly the cameras can monitor the important entry points of your home to prevent theft. We also suggest placing a few cameras to watch windows and doors that might be obstructed by trees or large bushes. Also keep in mind the tips below to further the safety of your home and belongings.

  • Set your lights on a timer, if you do not have a timer leave lights on, especially outdoor lights.
  • Keep the blinds closed, especially when traveling so would-be crooks cannot see that you have.
  • A simple, but sometimes forgotten tip, always keep your doors and windows locked!
  • And lastly, with the increase in technology and social media sharing sites—NEVER post that you will be gone. This makes it extremely easy for criminals to find the perfect targets.

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