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Spirit of Grace Lutheran Church & Esther’s School-Tampa Surveillance Cameras

Hudson, FL July 5, 2018—Surveillance Technology Incorporated had the distinct honor of partnering with the Spirit of Grace Lutheran Church at their North Campus in Hudson, FL. Spirit of Grace was founded in 2008 when five congregations (All Saints, First Lutheran, Immanuel, Joyful Spirit, and King of Glory) consolidated and two locations were founded for this large fellowship. Their North Campus in Hudson shares a campus with Esther’s School, a non-profit school teaching children in grades Kindergarten through 12th. Spirit of Grace and Esther’s School needed a robust surveillance system to provide the highest levels of safety to the children and congregation. Surveillance Technology Incorporated successfully designed and installed a custom Tampa surveillance system to fulfill their needs.

The project was twofold with coverage needed in both the church and school. Surveillance Technology Incorporated installed a 16-channel High Definition DVR (Digital Video Recorder) in the church. It has a maximum resolution of up to 8 megapixels. Four 2.4 megapixel motorized auto focus zoom cameras were installed within the church. These state-of-the-art Tampa surveillance cameras were also set up on the exterior to cover the front entrance doors, and the east and west parking lots. An additional security camera was positioned to capture license plates. In Esther’s School, a total of six 2.4 megapixel motorized auto focus zoom cameras were installed: one in each classroom, one in the lunchroom, and one on the playground. With the installation of this extensive high definition surveillance system, the children and premises will now be monitored for safety throughout their school day.

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