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Three Ways Small Business Security Cameras Pay For Themselves

When considering security cameras, small business owners often tell us that cost is a challenge. We understand because it’s not an insignificant investment to purchase the right, high-quality equipment and have it installed by professionals. After 22+ years helping small businesses with their security camera needs, however, Surveillance Technology has learned that the equipment will pay for itself in the following ways.

#1: Security Cameras Help Prevent Theft at Small Businesses

If your small business has experienced theft, either at the hands of employees or customers, then you’re probably considering some sort of security upgrade. Security cameras are a cost-effective way to protect your small business, and can scan greater areas compared to a security guard. Just the simple act of installing security cameras at your small business will deter most thieves. The best approach is to place some in obvious locations so potential thieves will be deterred, and place others in locations where you’ll see the most helpful activity.

#2: Security Cameras Mitigate Liability Claims at Small Businesses

For small businesses, security cameras can help prove the facts of your case for liability claims. Whether your location is retail or a manufacturing workplace, liability claims can be scary. Having your customer or employee activity captured on camera can go a long way to protecting your bottom line in the case of an injury claim.

For example, in today’s litigious society, there are dishonest people who will fake a slip and fall claim. Security camera footage can be provided to the courts to show exactly what happened before, during and after the supposed “fall”. This can save you tens of thousands in attorneys fees, payouts for damages and increased insurance costs.

For restaurants, nightclubs and bars, security cameras can help determine the facts if and when fights occur, which is another source of strife for some small businesses. Security camera footage can help law enforcement in serious cases and protect your business from being liable by proving the number of drinks served to a person.

For manufacturing locations, security cameras can help small businesses determine if negligence or safety is an issue, should an employee injury occur. If your employee is not following proper protocol, for example, and injures himself, you’ll be able to see the details with the right high-quality security camera equipment.

Another common security camera use that we see for small businesses is in community pools. Should an injury occur, your security camera footage can show whether alcohol or safety was a factor.

All of these examples can save your business thousands of dollars, or hundreds of thousands, annually.

#3: Security Cameras Help With Personal Safety at Small Businesses

In general, would-be criminals are not going to attack someone or vandalize your business if security cameras are visible in plain sight. Having security surveillance equipment in public areas of your small business can motivate criminals to go to another location for their devious activities and leave your property alone.

Chances are, if you haven’t already experienced theft, criminal activity or a liability claim for your small business, you will in the future and security cameras can help. In any one of the above situations, a surveillance system will pay for itself the first time something happens. Small business owners have many things to consider when considering security cameras: the safety of employees (who are often family members), the value of their cash or merchandise and potential lawsuits, just to name a few. Let Surveillance Technology help give you peace of mind by providing your small business with security camera equipment today.

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