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Top Three Best Security Cameras for Businesses

If you own or run a business, you’ve probably thought often about the best way to protect it. There is a lot of misleading information out there about the best security cameras for businesses. Tampa-based Surveillance Technology has more than 22 years of experience protecting local businesses. Whether you need security cameras to prevent theft, monitor visitors, increase safety or avoid fraud, we share helpful pros and cons to consider when evaluating the best security cameras to protect your business.

The most important consideration when evaluating security cameras is the reason for its use. For example, dome security cameras are the best for businesses in retail spaces because what the camera is specifically looking at is not obvious to the people being observed. For businesses where security cameras with night vision are needed, however, a bullet camera is more useful. Or, if your business is one where a manned security guard needs to follow a person or object in real time, then a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera is best.

Here are a few other considerations for the top three security cameras we recommend most often to our business customers:

Turret Security Cameras (type of Dome Security Camera)

  • Standard dome security cameras typically have a 60-foot infrared (IR) emitter range, but one-third of the Turret style security camera is flat, which increases the IR emitter range to 90 feet.
  • Turret security cameras use tempered glass to cover the lens and infrared (IR) emitter, which allows for a clearer more detailed image than standard dome cameras.
  • If installing your security camera outdoors, the tempered glass of a Turret-style security camera will not oxidize, unlike standard dome security cameras, which are made of the same polycarbonate plastic that vehicle headlights contain.
  • If night vision is important, Turret security cameras can capture higher quality night vision images than standard dome cameras.

Bullet Security Cameras

  • If you need your IR emitter range to be greater, bullet-style security cameras can handle a 180-feet or longer emitter range.
  • If night vision is important and you need to install the camera at an angle greater than 90 degrees, bullet cameras will get the job done better than other styles of security cameras.

Pan-Tilt-Zoom Security Cameras (PTZ)

  • If you need a security camera that can tilt and zoom on an x, y and z axis, a PTZ-style camera will give you more flexibility than dome or bullet cameras.
  • Many PTZ cameras come in multiple zoom options, some up to 33x, which will allow you to see up to 300 feet with great detail.

Though all security cameras installed by Surveillance Technology are capable of night vision and are tamper-resistant, you can see from the above that the camera’s application is important to ensure success. In our 22+ years, Surveillance Technology has installed thousands of security cameras for our business customers. To determine your location’s specific requirements, we provide a free site survey. When it comes to protecting your Tampa, St. Petersburg or Clearwater business, trust the experts at Surveillance Technology.

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