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Everything You Need to Know About HD Security Camera Systems

Surveillance Technology has fielded a lot of questions about HD Commercial Security Camera Systems in our 22+ years serving Tampa, St. Pete and Clearwater businesses. Here, we’ve covered the most common ones. We are always available for free on-site consultations and estimates, to help you select the right commercial security camera equipment to protect your business.

What does the “HD” in “HD Security Camera Systems” mean?

High definition refers to 1920 X 1080 resolution. Most systems available today are at least HD, with many now being labeled “ultra high definition” or “UHD”. UHD resolution includes 4 Megapixel, 5 Megapixel, 8 Megapixel and 4K.

How do I know if I need HD or UHD?

When determining the right type of HD security camera system for your business, you’ll want a trusted partner who can come on-site and assess your company’s goals in addition to your location. We sometimes find our customers don’t know initially that they need more detail than an HD security camera system will capture. If you run a jewelry store, for example, high visibility of small inventory items is critical, so a UHD security camera system with a 4K resolution, which is approximately four times the resolution of HD, is needed.

Most commonly, our customers need a mix of UHD and HD security camera systems. While UHD cameras may be most useful over registers or at main entry points, more simple HD cameras may serve their purpose just fine in less critical areas.

Which parts of my security camera system need to be HD?

In order for an HD or UHD security camera system to function as intended, both cameras and the recording device need to be able to run on the same level of HD or UHD signals. In other words, the camera must be viewing in HD or UHD resolutions and the DVR must be able to accept that signal, display and record it.

What kind of cabling is needed to support HD or UHD?

In addition to cameras and the recording device, network cabling is also important. With a CCTV system, for example, we recommend a 95% copper Siamese Cable for optimal performance. For an IP system, we often use a Cat5e or Cat6 cable.

What else do I need to consider?

When assessing what type of HD security camera system you need for your business, always think about the areas of concern and why they’re important. For example, if you have stairs at your location, you may want a security camera recording to mitigate false liability claims. Or, it may be advantageous to consider putting a camera directly over your cash registers to monitor the bills in the drawer. Another common recommendation is license plate cameras, which can be valuable for obtaining vehicle plates when an event has occurred.

If you’re considering an HD security camera system for your home or business, contact Surveillance Technology and let us assess your needs and provide you a free on-site estimate.

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