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Three Reasons to Choose CCTV Systems Over Wireless Security Cameras

CCTV systems are a popular choice when considering security camera systems, however, we often find our customers aren’t sure whether to choose a CCTV system or a wireless security camera system. Below we explain the most important reasons why CCTV systems are the best choice.

CCTV Systems Are More Reliable

CCTV systems connect the cameras directly to the DVR via a siamese cable. This means the cameras won’t hog your company’s network bandwidth, but it also provides reliability. If your network goes down, for example, your CCTV cameras will still send your security footage to the DVR for recording. Since this same siamese cable also provides the power supply to the CCTV camera, CCTV systems can be less of a burden on utility costs, as well.

Wireless systems, however, fail to record when a network signal is weak or gets interrupted because the camera cannot communicate to the NVR without a wireless signal. In this case you can lose not only the live video (in the case of manned security stations), but also recorded footage.

This makes CCTV systems more reliable and the obvious choice for recording and storing your business’s important security footage.

CCTV Systems Are More Secure

In today’s age of security concerns, knowing that your security camera system cannot be hacked is important. CCTV systems by their nature are wired, which means it is far more difficult to hack them.

Wireless systems, however, can be easily hacked or disrupted by signal blockers that can cost criminals as little as $200. We find most of our clients are discouraged when they hear their current wireless system can be undermined by such an inexpensive part, derailing the investment they’ve made in protecting their business.

CCTV Systems Have Greater Image Resolution

CCTV systems are popular because of their image quality. Unlike IP cameras, CCTV systems do not compress the images they are capturing, so you can see higher quality images when viewing video footage. CCTV systems will do a great job of capturing video, still images and even license plates for the majority of applications. They also perform effectively in variable lighting conditions, or even when it is very dark, depending on the model of camera.

Wireless cameras, by comparison, do not offer resolutions higher than HD and usually limit night vision distance to 30 feet or less.

How To Know if a CCTV System is Right For You?

Contact Surveillance Technology for our free on-site consultation, and we’ll be happy to design the right security camera system for your business.

For example, if you have older equipment that is still in good condition and you want to continue using, Surveillance Technology can help outfit your business with the right CCTV systems to work with existing CCTV cameras. Many of our clients are surprised to find out that even older analog cameras can be used with newer CCTV systems, assuming the DVR is a hybrid model.

We have been serving Tampa, St. Pete and Clearwater businesses for more than 22 years, and have designed and installed CCTV systems for thousands of customers in every industry. We personally test every brand that we recommend in order to make sure it performs as specified by the manufacturer.

Surveillance Technology is fully licensed with an EC license, which is far superior to the low voltage license required in our industry. We are also fully insured and we use our own employees for installations, not subcontractors, which allows us to remain in control of the scope and timeline of every project. We also honor equipment warranties and provide support via phone or email, as well.

Contact Surveillance Technology today to get started with your Free Site Estimate.

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