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Preventing Crime With Video Surveillance Systems

Can video surveillance systems intimidate even the most skilled criminals? The answer is yes. Read below to see how CCTV cameras can help prevent crime before it happens.

Scare Tactics through Monitoring

Even the most inept criminal knows that being caught in the act by a video surveillance camera will lead to an arrest and conviction. Therefore, just having them set up at your home or business is a deterrent. If a camera is onsite, the criminal will more than likely stop the unlawful activity altogether or move onto another target without known video surveillance. CCTV cameras are also used by security guards as a monitoring system for different parts of a building or campus. If suspicious activity is seen, the security team is on alert and can stop a crime before it is committed.

Increased Arrests

If criminal activity does occur, one of the best ways to prevent future wrong-doings is to increase the possibility for arrest, thus leading to a conviction. If a criminal is caught on video, police officers use surveillance technology to properly identify the criminal through facial recognition. If the suspect is a known criminal, software is used to match the face to an existing database of mug-shots. The video is then analyzed further and used to track down suspects, most often resulting in an arrest.

Helps Convict Criminals

The best way to truly prevent crime is to keep criminals off the street. Video surveillance does just that by properly identifying criminals which provides the evidence prosecutors need for convictions. In the courtroom, there’s very little to dispute if a suspect is caught on video. Not only does surveillance help identify the suspect, but identifies potential witnesses as well. By analyzing video surveillance, investigators are able to determine other individuals that are at the scene of a crime. This allows for warrants of these witnesses to be issued which can lead to additional evidence used against a suspect in court.

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